The Audio 359 Sound System

Rent a high quality PA sound system for small events.

Dazzle your audience with music they can feel.

Cool lights, smoke, local transport, installation & setup services included.

Success guaranteed.

€ 250,-

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Music brings people closer together


The Audio 359 Sound System features four speaker stacks to cover the whole venue. Give everybody the best possible sound, clear highs & mids and really powerful bass, without distortion. Keep sound pressure levels up but within legal limits.

Each stack consists of one top and one sub with a distance pole between them. A total of 8 speaker cabinets, 4 tweeters, no less than 8 12" woofers driven by amplifiers distributed over all speakers, together approximately 4.000 watts.

Plug in to the 16 channel mixing desk, shape & EQ your sound and send a clean signal over XLR cables to the speakers. Two dynamic microphones on a stand are included.


Behringer B212D - active 550-watt 2-way PA speaker system with 12" woofer and 1.35" compression driver


Behringer B1200D-PRO - high-performance active 500-watt 12" PA subwoofer with built-in stereo crossover


Behringer Xenyx X1222USB - premium 16-input 2/2-bus mixer with XENYX mic preamps & compressors, British EQs, 24-Bit Multi-FX processor and USB/audio interface


Typically the 4 speaker stacks are placed so that the main region of the venue is covered evenly.


Create the right atmosphere using 12 multi-color, multi-programmeable LED lights. A small smoke machine is included to maximize the effect.

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The Audio 359 Sound System consists of many parts, hundreds of kilograms of equipment and lots of wires. It is not easy to transport, nor easy to set up. That is why local transport and setup are included in the rental price. We'll make sure you are up and running in no time.

We normally rent out the system to locations within 20 to 25 km of Hoeselt, Belgium (equivalent to a half hour drive one way). Possible locations include Bilzen, Tongeren, Diepenbeek, Hasselt and Genk.

The system should be in a closed and/or guarded area while it is on location. Sufficient electrical power should be provided (16A to 20A at 220V, preferrably multiple independent sockets). Theft and damage are the responsibility of the lender.


To book the rental of the Audio 359 Sound System, sends us an email at

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Full System

€ 250,-

Lite System

€ 124,-

Prices are per event and include VAT.

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