The Audio 359 Set One

€ 699.00 / € 759.00

A complete, high quality music playback system that can handle all your digital music.

A pair of active, compact monitor style speakers on matching stands. An autonomous player/streamer with dedicated high resolution DAC.

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The Audio 359 Player/Streamer

€ 169.00

If you already have audio equipment, then you can buy just our unit.

An autonomous player/streamer with dedicated high resolution DAC.

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The Audio 359 Small Set

€ 425.00

A complete, high quality music playback system that can handle all your digital music and that fits in any room, anywhere.

A pair of small active speakers. An autonomous player/streamer with dedicated high resolution DAC.

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The Audio 359 Speakers/Stands

€ 558.00 / € 618.00

If you previously bought our player/streamer you can now upgrade to the complete set.

A pair of active, compact monitor style speakers on matching stands.

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The Audio 359 Valet Service

€ 99.00

If you live within 200 km (2 hours driving) from us, around the tripoint Netherlands-Germany-Belgium, we'll come to you to personally setup your system.

On site installation & configuration. Includes free transport.

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About Audio 359

We are a boutique webshop. Service and customer care are how we differentiate ourselves. We passionately believe in the products that we sell. We love to sit down & listen to great music. And we want you to be able to do the same.

sku1100Audio 359 Set One Black/Black€ 699.00
sku1101Audio 359 Set One Black/White€ 699.00
sku1102Audio 359 Set One Black/Silver€ 699.00
sku1110Audio 359 Set One White/Black€ 699.00
sku1111Audio 359 Set One White/White€ 699.00
sku1112Audio 359 Set One White/Silver€ 699.00
sku1130Audio 359 Set One Bamboo/Black€ 759.00
sku1131Audio 359 Set One Bamboo/White€ 759.00
sku1132Audio 359 Set One Bamboo/Silver€ 759.00
sku1200Audio 359 Small Set Black€ 425.00
sku1210Audio 359 Small Set White€ 425.00
sku0500Audio 359 Speakers/Stands Black/Black€ 558.00
sku0501Audio 359 Speakers/Stands Black/White€ 558.00
sku0502Audio 359 Speakers/Stands Black/Silver€ 558.00
sku0510Audio 359 Speakers/Stands White/Black€ 558.00
sku0511Audio 359 Speakers/Stands White/White€ 558.00
sku0512Audio 359 Speakers/Stands White/Silver€ 558.00
sku0530Audio 359 Speakers/Stands Bamboo/Black€ 618.00
sku0531Audio 359 Speakers/Stands Bamboo/White€ 618.00
sku0532Audio 359 Speakers/Stands Bamboo/Silver€ 618.00
sku0101Audio 359 Player/Streamer€ 169.00
sku4111AudioEngine A5+ Speakers Black€ 439.00
sku4112AudioEngine A5+ Speakers White€ 439.00
sku4113AudioEngine A5+ Speakers Bamboo€ 499.00
sku4121AudioEngine A2+ Speakers Black€ 279.00
sku4122AudioEngine A2+ Speakers White€ 279.00
sku4131AudioEngine HD6 Speakers Black€ 799.00
sku4134AudioEngine HD6 Speakers Walnut€ 799.00
sku4135AudioEngine HD6 Speakers Cherry€ 799.00
sku4801Short 3.5 mm male to 3.5 mm male Stereo Cable€ 9.90
sku4802Short 3.5 mm male to RCA male Stereo Cable€ 9.90
sku4804Volumio OS on 8 GB Micro SD Card€ 9.90
sku0800Audio 359 Valet Service€ 99.00

Never hesitate to contact us at if you have any question regarding our products or services. Our street address is Audio 359 p/a Wolf 359 BVBA, Pacquaistraat 5, B-3730 Alt-Hoeselt, Belgium - registration/VAT BE 0872.581.217. Our mobile number is +32 496 22 38 11.

Sven Van Caekenberghe & Nadine Hoeven are committed to deliver a great product with a stellar service. We want to try to convince you to take the time to sit down & listen and to discover just how great music can sound with the right system.

We offer two payment options. You can pay directly using a credit card. Visa, MasterCard & American Express are accepted. We use Stripe for trusted credit card processing. Stripe operates internationally and is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 certified. We do not see nor do we store your credit card info. Alternatively, you can pay with a bank transfer. Note that in that case your order only becomes effective once we receive payment.

Both the A5+ speakers and Stylum 3 stands are constructed from solid, long lasting, quality materials. But they do weigh about 25 kg combined. We carefully package all subcomponents in a strong box measuring 80 x 50 x 30 cm. Shipping this package carries a substantial cost. Still, we offer free shipping to Germany, the Netherlands & Belgium, for orders above 99 euro. For other European countries we charge at most 25 euro extra.

We offer the standard European 2 year limited warranty on defective parts or faulty workmanship. The A5+ speakers come with an extended 3 year warranty. Repair or replacement is free during the warranty period, provided you ship the products back to us, well packaged. Contact us at beforehand. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive moisture, lightning, power surges, other acts of nature, unauthorised product modification or repairs, or failure to follow the instructions outlined in the documentation.

Any purchase made on the Audio 359 Store comes with a 30 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We feel we offer the sound, features, and overall quality of systems priced much higher. If you’re not completely satisfied contact us at within 30 days of delivery for return instructions. Return the product in its original packaging in like-new, undamaged condition with all included accessories and we’ll give you a full refund of your product purchase price.

  • Why is the Audio 359 Set One such a good deal ?

    We're glad you asked. First of all, the set forms a music playback system that sounds awesome. You'll enjoy your music at a whole new level. Each element is essential to achieve this result. Second, ordering all components of the set separately and paying shipment costs for each will be more expensive. So the set is cheaper. Third, each component on its own holds lasting value and can be used in different contexts. The speakers accept any analog input, from any device. Use them as super deluxe computer audio monitors, tv or game console speakers. The stands can be used for all kinds of speakers. The player/streamer is general purpose computer that can be used to do different things (see 'What does open hardware mean ?').

  • Do I need a sub woofer ?

    No, not at all. The A5+ speakers produce remarkably powerful bass, without ever sounding artificial. By being placed on stands, the speakers perform even better. That being said, the A5+ speakers do have a variable RCA line-out intended for this purpose.

  • What does open hardware mean ?

    The Audio 359 Player/Streamer consists of a standard Raspberry Pi B+ together with a HiFiBerry DAC+. The Raspberry Pi is a small single-board computer intended for teaching purposes. More than 5 million have been produced. There is a large international community of enthousiasts using the RPi for all kinds of purposes. Connect the unit to an HDMI display, a USB keyboard and mouse, replace the SD card holding the OS and you're all set to go.

  • What does open software mean ?

    The Audio 359 Player/Streamer runs an operating system called Volumio, a customized Raspbian GNU/Linux. Volumio is open source and community supported. You can log into the OS of your unit and modify it. Needless to say, you have to know what you are doing. You can install newer or totally different software.

  • Does the player support Bluetooth audio ?

    No. Bluetooth audio is popular but transfers audio signals at a lower, compressed quality. The distance between two parties communication over Bluetooth is limited. Pairing and connection stability are sometimes problematic.

  • Do you only ship EU power connectors ? What about UK power connectors ?

    By default, everything ships with EU power connectors. Upon simple request we will add the necessary UK power connector cables and/or adaptors.

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