The Audio 359 Player/Streamer

A complete system that can handle all your digital music.

An autonomous, networked player/streamer with dedicated high resolution DAC.

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Easy Setup

Connect your audio equipment

Either connect your wired network

Or connect your wireless network


Digital Music

Easy To Use

Any File, Any Stream

From Any Source

High Resolution Audio

Audiophile Sound

Crystal Clear

Detailed & Refined

High Quality Digital-to-Analog Conversion

Hardware Volume Control

Remote Control

Web-based User Interface

Selection, Volume & Configuration


Smartphone, Tablet & PC

Complete & Autonomous

Plug & Play

Store 200 Albums

Independent Playback

Hassle Free

Apple Airplay

Play from iTunes, Mac or Windows

Play from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Use as Mac sound output device

Microsoft UPnP

Play from Windows Media Player

Standard UPnP media renderer

Control using any UPnP client

Linux MPD

Music Player Daemon server

Play local & NAS files, streams

Control using any MPD client

Internet Radio

Any Internet Radio Stream

Play locally, control using any device

Includes predefined stations

Local Music

Includes 64Gb USB2 memory stick

MP3, AAC, ALAC or FLAC files

Independent, highest quality playback

NAS Music

Play from Network Attached Storage

Windows Share (SMB) protocol

Use large, existing collections


Based on open hardware

Based on open source software

Accessible, upgradeable

Enjoy your music

The Player/Streamer

Today, digital audio files and streams offer the best possible sound quality combined with unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. The Audio 359 player/streamer unit is the heart that processes digital audio and converts it to an analogue signal that is fed to the speakers. It controls what you hear. It works together with all your existing devices, computers, tablets, smartphones and others, playing music stored on them or streamed through them. But the player also operates fully autonomous, playing the music stored locally on it, or streaming network streams directly. The Audio 359 unit is based on open hardware and open software, carefully constructed out of perfectly matching components.

HardwareRaspberry Pi B+ with HifiBerry DAC+
SoftwareVolumio 1.51 Customized Raspbian GNU/Linux
DAC192 kHz / 24 bit Burr-Brown Delta Sigma I2S TI PCM5122
Volume ControlLossless hardware volume control
Wired Network10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet RJ45
Wireless Network2.4 Mhz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wifi
RAM512 Mb
CPU700 Mhz ARM v6
HDRemoveable 8 Gb Micro SD Card for upgradeable OS
Music StorageRemoveable 64 Gb USB 2.0 Memory Stick
Store ~200 uncompressed albums locally
User InterfaceWeb UI accessible from any device
File FormatsFLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC, WAV
Apple AirplayYes
UPNP ControlYes
Internet RadioYes
Network StreamingSamba (Windows) or NFS connected NAS ScrobblingYes
Spotify PremiumYes
Main PowerEuro plug power supply, 115/240V 50/60Hz, USB 5.25V 2A
Dimensions14 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm
Weight0.2 kg
CasingTranslucent perplex with aluminium hardware
Box Contents(1) Fully assembled unit
(1) USB power supply, detachable, 2 meters
(1) Short cable, 1 meter
(1) Getting started guide

About Audio 359

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