The Audio 359 Set One

A complete, high quality music playback system that can handle all your digital music.

A pair of active, compact monitor style speakers on matching stands. An autonomous player/streamer with dedicated high resolution DAC.

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Audiophile Sound

Crystal Clear

Detailed & Refined

Well Balanced

Engaging Musicality

Natural Bass

Real Woofers

Classic Cabinets

Realistic & Unforced

Commanding Emotionality

Digital Music

Easy To Use

Any File, Any Stream

From Any Source

High Resolution Audio

Real Stereo

True 2.0 Imaging

Perfect Listening Triangle

Open Soundstage

Spatial Resolution

Remote Control


Selection & Volume

Airplay & UPNP

Smartphone, Tablet & PC

Complete & Autonomous

Plug & Play

Store 200 Albums

Independent Playback

Hassle Free

The Speakers

Speakers are the most important element of any music playback system. That is why we include speakers of exceptional quality in the Audio 359 Set One: AudioEngine's top of the line A5+ Premium Powered Speakers. Since the A5's appeared in 2005 they received rave reviews all over the world. The A5+ model came out in 2011 and managed to further improve upon this classic. Prepare yourself to be amazed and to fall in love. Yes, these speakers are that good.

ModelA5+ Premium Powered Speakers
Volume6 liters
Height27 cm
Width18 cm
Depth23 cm (left) - 20 cm (right)
Type2.0 (stereo), Active Monitor, 2 way
Low Frequency Driver12.7 cm kevlar woven glass aramid composite woofer
with rubber surrounds & advanced voice coil
High Frequence Driver1.9 cm ferro fluid cooled silk dome tweeter
with neodymium magnet
Bass PortRear ported/vented
Frequency Response50 Hz - 22 kHz +/- 1.5 dB
Amplifier TypeDual Class AB Monolithic
Power OutputUSB
Signal/Noise Ratio>95 dB (typical A-weighted)
DistortionTHD+N < 0.05 % at all power settings
Crosstalk- 50 dB
Power TransformersGapless core torroidal transformers
Volume ControlWireless Remote & Standard Knob
Audio InputSimultaneous 3.5mm stereo mini-jack & RCA L/R
Audio OutputRCA variable line-out
ProtectionOutput current limiting, thermal over-temperature,
power on/off transient protection, replaceable external main fuse
Main PowerEuro plug 115/240V 50/60Hz manually switchable
Weight7 kg (left) - 4.4 kb (right)
MaterialCoated MDF or Solid Carbonized Bamboo
ColorsSatin Black, High-Gloss White or Solid Carbonized Bamboo
Box Contents(1) A5+ powered (left) speaker
(1) A5+ passive (right) speaker
(1) Remote control
(1) Speaker wire (16AWG), 3.75 meters
(1) Detachable AC power cord
(1) 3.5mm mini-jack to mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters
(1) RCA to RCA audio cable, 2 meters
(2) Cloth speaker bag
(1) Cloth cable bag
(1) Setup guide
(1) Product line brochure


A timely upgrade has made the A5+ speakers slightly bigger, noticeably better and far more flexible than the originals. Tight, well-marshalled bass. Good sonic detail.


8 / 10

Rich, detailed, room-filling sound that bests speakers costing twice as much. Once you listen to them, you’ll wonder how your ears tolerated anything else.

Positive Feedback

An Epic Mini-System

This tiny system really trumped some of the larger systems out there costing thousands more. The bass that comes from these speakers is tight, controlled and accurate. If you're on the fence about jumping into this hobby, this is a great place to start. Hell, it's a great place to finish, too.


No Reservations

I'd say that the Audioengine A5+'s give you more than you've given Audioengine. They strike me as the proverbial audiophile bargain capable of delivering musical satisfaction on most levels that count.

If you listen to a wide variety of music in terms of sound quality from streaming services to HD downloads and you like to listen often, paying attention to what and how musicians do what they do, and you enjoy being carried away by the sum of all that goodness (meaning you're also not doing anything else while you're listening), add a DAC.


I’ve been a fan of Audioengine’s A5's since I first laid ears on them in 2006. The A5+'s are worthy successors to the original. I enjoyed their lower-end punch when listening to rock and pop tracks. At the same time, the lows and lower-mids don’t overshadow the highs — the higher frequencies are clearly present.

PC Mag


The fantastic, audiophile-friendly Audioengine A5+ speakers sound powerful without a thunderous subwoofer or booming bass.

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Enjoy your music

The Stands

Speaker placement and room accoustics decide whether your system reaches its full potential. Putting compact monitor style speakers on stands, away from back and side walls and out of corners, makes them sound at their best. Using stands you can create the perfect listening triangle so that everything sounds just right. Experimenting with speaker placement will furthermore encourage you to take some room accoustics into account. The matching speaker stands included in the Audio 359 Set One are an essential element to achieve true high end sound.

BrandNorStone Design
ModelStylum 3
Height80 cm
Top plate22 cm x 16.5 cm
Bottom plate25 cm x 25 cm
Top spikes4 adjustable counter spikes
Bottom spikes4 large adjustable spikes
ExtrasCable management system
Skidproof rubber pads
Weight6.5 kg each
ColorsBlack, White or Silver
Box Contents(2) Top plates
(2) Bottom plates
(2) Large poles
(2) Small poles
(4) Counter spikes
(4) Large base spikes
(1) Screws kit
(1) Mounting instructions

You are in control

The Player/Streamer

Today, digital audio files and streams offer the best possible sound quality combined with unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. The Audio 359 player/streamer unit is the heart that processes digital audio and converts it to an analogue signal that is fed to the speakers. It controls what you hear. It works together with all your existing devices, computers, tablets, smartphones and others, playing music stored on them or streamed through them. But the player also operates fully autonomous, playing the music stored locally on it, or streaming network streams directly. The Audio 359 unit is based on open hardware and open software, carefully constructed out of perfectly matching components.

HardwareRaspberry Pi B+ with HifiBerry DAC+
SoftwareVolumio 1.51 Customized Raspbian GNU/Linux
DAC192 kHz / 24 bit Burr-Brown Delta Sigma I2S TI PCM5122
Volume ControlLossless hardware volume control
Wired Network10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet RJ45
Wireless Network2.4 Mhz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wifi
RAM512 Mb
CPU700 Mhz ARM v6
HDRemoveable 8 Gb Micro SD Card for upgradeable OS
Music StorageRemoveable 64 Gb USB 2.0 Memory Stick
Store ~200 uncompressed albums locally
User InterfaceWeb UI accessible from any device
File FormatsFLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC, WAV
Apple AirplayYes
UPNP ControlYes
Internet RadioYes
Network StreamingSamba (Windows) or NFS connected NAS ScrobblingYes
Spotify PremiumYes
Main PowerEuro plug power supply, 115/240V 50/60Hz, USB 5.25V 2A
Dimensions14 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm
Weight0.2 kg
CasingTranslucent perplex with aluminium hardware
Box Contents(1) Fully assembled unit
(1) USB power supply, detachable, 2 meters
(1) Short cable, 1 meter
(1) Getting started guide

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